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Starting a blog - at my age?

Hi everyone! I've finally decided to start my own travel blog. I figure this will be a lot easier than spamming everyone's e-mail with my carrying on about what I'm seeing and doing in some strange land. Plus, this way I can share some of my photos with you.

Time is a strange thing. I always knew I wanted to travel and see the world but kept putting it off. It wasn't until I was over 40 that I got the appropriate "nudge" from Mike to get out there and do it! NOW!!! So, I plan on making up for lost time and seeing as much as I can in the time I have left. Sometimes I'll be traveling with Mike and sometimes I'll be out there by myself blazing my own trail.

I hope to have plenty of occasions to update this blog and I also hope you'll follow along and share my new experiences. I'll try not to bore you to tears.


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The anti-spring break

snow 25 °F

When it came time to start thinking of where we would go for spring break this year, Mike & I started throwing ideas around. One place that we've been looking at for years was Iceland but it just never worked out. This year, we must have hit just the right timing because we found a great package with both airfare from Boston and 6 nights hotel for only $600. Who could pass that up?

I know, who goes to Iceland for spring break? It's cold. Well, it's not any colder than here in Columbus. In fact, it's warmer in Reykjavik, Iceland today than it is here. Plus, there are some really cool things to see in Iceland. Where in Florida can you see Vikings, glaciers and the "original" geyser. (Take THAT Old Faithful!)

What will be be doing and seeing in Iceland? It depends. Our number one priority - if Mother Nature agrees - is the Northern Lights. We've both been itching to see them and hopefully the weather will cooperate. There are also a lot of Viking sites and other cool places to check out. Some may depend on the weather. We're actually going into this somewhat unplanned. Which is very much unlike us. We'll have to take it day by day to see what we can see...maybe a whale?

I've got my wool sweaters laid out with my warm Peruvian hat and gloves. I'll be toasty warm. So, stick around and keep an eye out. I'll post updates and pictures as I can.

Here's hoping for clear skies!

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Warmth and Volcanos Here I Come!

A Real spring break

sunny 37 °F

Choosing a Spring Break destination gets harder every year since Mike's list of unseen countries gets smaller every year. After searching through airfares, we had narrowed it down to Serbia, Bosnia or Nicaragua. Nicaragua had the upside of not losing a day both ways for the trans-Atlantic flight so Nicaragua won out. Plus, it's WARM there! Both Mike and I are done with winter and a warm few days in Central America sounded like just the ticket to lift those winter blues.

I'm hoping the wifi is more readily available in Nicaragua than it was in Germany. (Go figure, one of the most industrialized countries hasn't figured out reliable wifi). I'll post pictures and thoughts along the way.

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Leaving today

sunny 80 °F

I'm finally going to Prague! I started planning this trip 7 or 8 years ago. However, life happened and I just kept putting it off. This summer, I decided it was about time.

This will be my longest trip overseas and by myself. I'll be gone a full 2 weeks this time. I keep telling myself - and anyone who will listen to me - that when I retire in a few years I'm going to spend the first year traveling. I need to start learning how to be on my own for longer periods of time if I'm going to go through with this master plan.

For this trip I'm going to the Czech Republic and Poland. I figured if I'm going to lose a day each way with the transatlantic flight, I should make it worth my time and get two new countries in. HA!

I'm hoping to have decent internet access so I can update everyone with what I've seen and to share a few pictures. Mike and I have this theory...the more "advanced" the country, the worse the wi-fi. Neither of us have had issues finding internet access in Nicaragua, Ukraine or Cyprus. However, both of us had the hardest time finding reliable wi-fi in Germany and Mike had issues in Italy this year. So it may sound strange, but I'm hoping both Czech Republic & Poland are behind the times enough to support abundant wi-fi. Stay tuned.

So, sit back and relax. I'll deal with the cramped planes and testy airport security folks so you can read all about it at your leisure. I'll be having the time of my life!

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Testing my skills with group travel.

When Mike announced last year that his next EF tour was going to be Greece, I admit I was jealous. I wanted to see those whitewashed hillside houses, the sea and all of the amazing ancient sites. I just wasn't sure traveling with a bunch of middle-schoolers was my cup of tea. I've never been known for my patience will small children. Could I be the adult? Eventually, I realized it was a chance I couldn't pass up so I plunked down a load of money to start my next adventure.

So now I'm sitting at the airport waiting for my flight. It's kinda strange. Since I signed up for the tour late, I wasn't able to get on the same flights as the rest of the group. So, I'm traveling alone...in a group. I'm supposed to get to Athens the same time as the group. Fingers crossed!

Stay tuned. I hope to add photos of some amazing places in the next 12 days!

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